Jul 20

Birthday Wishlist

1. Gilet Faux-mink
2. Some WIFI
3. A3 Sketch-pad
4. La dame aux camélias // Alexandre Dumas (roman)
5. A small happy ending, this time not in metaphorical terms. An actual happy ending.
6. Some peace and quiet (not quiet likely, that would be nice though)
7. Diaries of Frida Kahlo
8. Watercolours
9. My heart to have reasonable expectations about the world.

Oh so, I guess the last one is the most realistic and cancels out the rest of them. I wish me a nice transition into age in advance.

Painless Stubbings. -


We sat next to each other
And yet so far apart
I took long slow sips at my pineapple juice
And you watched television half-mindedly
I studied your face carefully
When the television dizzied you,
You’d write songs about other girls
The girls you met in subway trains overseas
You’d practice…

Jul 18

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“May the learned shadows of our suffering break open light where it is not found! May we become the flowers of our healing!” — Angie Chuma

Jul 17

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♬You are the girl that I’ve been dreaming of,
   Ever since I was a little girl

♬You are the girl that I’ve been dreaming of,
Ever since I was a little girl

Jul 14

1) When his fingers feel like needles on your skin, that is not love. That is the result of him sewing his touch into your flesh so he can haunt you for years after he leaves. You will not be able to get him out of your system until every skin cell on your body has been replaced - until you are not even you anymore.

2) When he taps his fingers on the steering wheel impatiently when it is your turn to choose the radio station, get out of the car. I don’t care if you’re in the middle of the fucking highway. This boy does not care about your interests, or anything that does not involve him. Get out of the car.

3) When he leaves a note on his side of the bed, do not respond with a letter written in your blood. He will crumple it up and change the locks. He will find any destruction of your body morbid and disturbing unless it is being done by him.

4) When he comes home at one in the morning with busted up knuckles, tell him to clean them up himself. Do not kiss him goodnight.

5) When he asks to read your writing, you don’t have to agree. You don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. You have walls built up around you, and if he wants to be with you, he will have to break through. Do not let him walk around.

6) When you meet his sister, do not shrink under her judgmental sneers. Do not follow the rules he told you before you entered the house. Answer her questions with your own, stand tall, and tell her that you are her brother’s girlfriend, not his property. If that doesn’t do the trick, tell her to fuck off.

7) When he speaks liquor tainted poetry, do not blush. Tell him to stop being pretentious. If in his drunkenly honest state, he sees nothing beautiful about you but the curve of your hips and the way your eyes look like a storm, tell him the storm is over. Gather your things and leave. The storm is over. Don’t stick around for dirty puddles and cloudy skies.

” — 7 things I wish I knew before I met you (via lamebby)

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Radiate radiate Sun Child.

Radiate radiate Sun Child.